What if it rains?

If it rains, there are 4 options:

  • You can get a full refund for the castle. This will be decided on the day before the booking date as NZ weather can change drastically overnight.
  • If it may clear up later in the day, you are welcome to pick the castle up and use it when it clears up. If it doesn’t clear up, you can return the castle in an unopened and unused way and we will then give you a full refund if it was not used. PS: We can tell if it’s been used or not 🙂
  • All of our castles fit in a double garage, with the toddler castles fitting in a lounge. You can opt to put these indoor if you want.
  • We can move the date to another day.

When will I get my bond refund back?

We need to check all castles when they are returned. We try and do this within the first few days of the new week but this is not always possible due to weather or any other reason. Castles will be checked within the following week and bonds will be refunded by that Friday at the latest.

When can I pick up the castle?

Castles are picked up between 8-8:30am on the day, no exceptions. Please contact us if you are having problems with pickup.

When do I drop off the castle?

  • If the order is for the months of April to September, Castles need to be dropped off by 5pm.
  • If the order is for the months of October to March, Castles need to be dropped off by 7pm.

Can I pick up the castle the day before or drop it off the day after the rental?

We do at times get last minute bookings and therefor can not guarantee that a castle will be available the day before or after. For this reason, we do not let castles go out the day before or after, no exceptions… Sorry. We do recommend asking guests that may travel through The Lakes, Pyes Pa area to pickup or drop off the castle on your behalf if that may be more convenient.

Can I pay cash when I pickup the castle?

Unfortunately we do not accept cash. All bookings must be placed online and any outstanding balances paid at least 7 days before the booking date.

What do you include with the castle?

We include the following items:

  • Bouncy Castle with bag
  • Instructions manual
  • Blower
  • Tarpaulin
  • Extension cord with RCD
  • Rubber mallet
  • Camping pegs to secure the castle
  • Plastic container to carry everything

Do I need a van or a trailer to pick up the castle?

No, our castles fold up quite small when there is no air in them and so can fit in the boot of most small cars.

Is the castle difficult to set up?

Castles are super easy to set up. We include an instruction booklet for this to make things as easy as possible.

Are the castles heavy to carry around?

Our lightest toddler castle weighs only 12kg, our largest castle weighs just under 30 kilograms. We also supply a plastic container with the tarp, blower and balls in. This weighs around 15kg.